Beauty Sleep

1 Sep

LONG gone are the days you get home at 1am, sleep until noon and get up feeling refreshed. I am lucky to sleep past 8am on weekends these days thanks to a 50 pound, snoring English Bulldog who’s ready at 6am for her breakfast.

There is one place that does offer the most luxurious beds in all of Chicago, Chicago Luxury Beds. Their newly renovated showroom boasts 3,000-square-feet of  beds and bedding from brands like Hästens, VI-Spring,  and now Sferra.

The bed of all beds, the Hästens Vividus king, is handmade, takes 160 man hours to complete and is guaranteed for 25 years.  It comes to $9.25 per day amortized over a 25 year average lifespan.  I think it’s worth it! Now how do I get my dog to stop snoring?

And….how stylish- Hästens beds are covered in Gingham!

Test them out for yourself at the Chicago Luxury Beds showroom!

Chicago Luxury Beds

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